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Dynamics - Hair/Fur

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Simply imitates the behavior of hair, fur, feathers, etc. The process is generally divided into three parts. Material, Styling and Dynamics. Depending on the software you use, these three parts may be in a single node/modifier/tag or they may be separate.


Defines the natural appearance of the feather. The main parameters such as the color, shape etc. are as follows:

Color : Yes, colour. It is usually a Ramp parameter since you can define the tip and the root colors differently. Grays are interspersed with parameters such as Mutant Color.

Melanine : Mimics the pigment that determines the natural color of hair. 1 black 0 yellow. Redness controls.. well redness?

Thickness : Defines tip and root thickness of hair.

Length : It controls the length of the hair and the variation in length.

Frizz : As it is.

Kink : As it is.

Clump : As it is.

Curl : As it is.


Some sort of hairdressing. You can cut and shape hair just like a coiffeur.

Main parameters are brush, cut, curl, straighten etc.


Mimics the natural movements of the hair. Main parameters are as follows:

Hold Roots/Root Hold : Controls the strength of hair root. If parameter is low, the hair sticks to the head by bending from the root. If it is hight, roots will be sturdy and hair will have more volume visually.

Stiffness : Controls the overall stifness of the hair. Low values means soft hair, low resistence. Opposite is opposite...

Radius/Surface Radius : It defines the closest collision distance/radius by centering each hair strand. Low values increases the probability of the hair to become intertwined with itself and collision objects. Using the values ​​slightly higher prevents this.

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