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Mustafa Sen

I was born in Istanbul in the winter of 1984. I am from a Macedonian immigrant family. I met 3d as a hobby in the new millennium. In 2006, I had my first media experience on TV5 station. For a year and a half, I squirmed like a fish out of water. I learned a lot of basic information about television broadcasting from my chief at that time, Ercan Tüfekçi. God bless.


Then, I transferred to the tvnet station that shaped my career.  I worked for three or four years under a cotton-like GM named Şenol Kazancı and a cruel Art Director named Muharrem Toğrul. I learned a lot about the artistic side of the business with his artistic eye, meaningful gaze and bullying. We spent our last years playing Play Station. God bless them too.


When we were blinded by money, we transferred to ahaber, which is in the process of being established, with Ömer Küçük, my childhood friend, with whom we have been walking since tvnet. I was fired for lack of discipline right after we established and launched Ahaber on air. I would like to express my thanks to the then chief Levent Coşkun. Omer stayed at ahaber.  

I returned to tvnet, which was under the management of İbrahim Karagül. I worked as an Art Director for two years. Even though we were tvnet employees, we started to work as an advertising agency and strange unrelated things started coming from outside, we had a disagreement and I was fired from the channel. I got my compensation. Omer was still at the ahaber.

So, we established our own animation studio in Bayrampaşa with my partner Enes Şimşek. We made good money. But we have become antisocial.  


In the meantime, our old friend İsmail Halis was appointed as the Program Manager at tvnet. I did not refuse the offer from tvnet on the occasion, and I experienced the method of Süleyman Demirel. I worked as an Art Director for about a year. I was fired by the İbrahim Karagül administration for lack of discipline. I'll leave it to you to judge and link the paragraphs. Omer is in the haber, the ahaber...

Afterwards, I went to TRT World station for interviews three or four times. I consider myself one of the lucky ones as I have friends who went 7-8 times.

I worked as a freelance consultant for TRT Arabi channel as Creative Lead for almost a year. Since we had no intention to start a war against state domination and dysfunctional bureaucracy, we decided to withdraw as Creative Team. I still watch TRT Arabi from time to time and I don't see any noticeable change. This is probably same for the moment you are reading this.

I focused entirely on my own animation office. We continue our advertising, production and vfx works under the roof of Alpha Studios with our most talented friends in Turkey. Ömer could not stand the game of thrones, he is now a hero of Alpha Studios.

We have done branding works for local, national and global TV channels. In Turkey, we have worked for various companies, NGOs, the Presidency and various government units, as well as for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, in advertising, promotion, infographics, etc., and shot clips, documentaries and short films. You can reach our detailed portfolio on our contact page.  

I use 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve.


I make music as a hobby. My DAW is Ableton Live. I also use Propellerheads Reason and Cubase. Whenever I have a chance, I escape from the city and work on astrophotography.  

I am not married and don't have three children. I'll blow your mind in English. I know a little Arabic and even less Japanese. I graduated from Economics . So I came from the streets. Watch your step!  


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